• foto Sports Injuries Recovery time can be shortened by elevating after strenuous work outs or minor injuries. Upphöja takes the hassle out of elevating your legs or arms so you can get back on your feet and get back in the game.
  • foto Pregnancy Upphöja can help you relieve the discomfort of edema which can often be associated with the last trimester and a period of time immediately following pregnancy.
  • foto Seniors Upphöja is perfect for seniors dealing with swelling, discomfort or a condition such as edema.
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Easy Use
Remote Control
Height to match any comfort level
Made from Strong
Durabile Material
High Capacity
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With Upphöja you can elevate your legs or other extremities easily while sitting or laying down comfortably anywhere you are. Promote physical wellness and healing fast, easy & consistently.

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the best in independence & comfort



Use Upphöja with ease from either a laying or seated position. As you gain mobility, you can easily move from the bed to the couch or a comfortable chair.


With Upphöja you no longer need to depend on a family member or care givers to adjust pillows or foam wedges. You can do it yourself with the touch of a button.


Upphöja offers stable and relaxing support under the legs. Height and firmness can be easily adjusted to fit your personal comfort level.
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Lauren H., NP Ft Wayne, IN
I am a nurse and am 8 months into my 1st pregnancy.  Twins, of course.   As a nurse I knew that in the 3rd trimester I would start having to deal with swelling and pain in the ankles.   I am on my feet all day and, since I am having twins, I am dealing with everything double.   Until I found Upphöja I was using pillows and I was getting no relief.  Now I can come home and put my feet up without needing assistance in lifting my already tired and heavy legs over stacked pillows.  The pillows were uncomfortable and needed to be adjusted after 10 - 15 minutes.  Now I simply place my legs on the Upphöja, press the button on the remote and I am elevated and comfortable.  I can relax for 30 minutes or for hours in total comfort without a problem.   And I can make any adjustments I want to in height and firmness.  I can even use it all night if I want to.  My swelling and pain are down considerably compared to when I used pillows.  With Upphöja I will be able to relax and put my legs up after work even after the pregnancy.  Well, maybe the twins will; have something to say about that!
Pamela K., ANP-BC, St. Louis, MO
I am a Wound Specialist with over 20 years of experience treating patients with lower extremity edema. One of the challenges in treating this type of patient is compliance with appropriate elevation. Patients typically will utilize pillows to elevate their legs, which does not offer the consistent degree of elevation required to decrease edema. I have found the Upphöja to be very helpful in the reduction of edema in patients who have difficulty getting their lower extremities elevated independently and consistently. The surface is very comfortable and easy to disinfect between uses. My patients have stated that this device is very effective in obtaining the prescribed degree of elevation that not only, helps the edema, but also, provides comfort. I would recommend the Upphöja as an alternative method of elevation in the treatment of lower extremity edema.
Deb S. Angola, IN
My mom has renal insufficiency and needs to keep her legs elevated whenever she is sitting or lying down and for as long as possible. Of course, it is inconvenient and painful, so she doesn’t do it. This Christmas I bought her an Upphoja. She uses it constantly because it is so easy and comfortable, and she doesn’t need any assistance from care givers. And it is so light she can move it from room to room by herself. Wow, I finally got my mother something for Christmas that she actually uses. My dad needs it too. Now they are fighting over it. Wow, my mom and dad are actually fighting over something that makes sense! I may need to get another.
Ed P., New Haven, IN
The product makes it easy for people of limited mobility to elevate their feet above their heart to reduce swelling in the feet and lower legs. Because it is adjustable, it also eliminates the search for the right combination of cushions and pillows to obtain the correct amount of elevation for each individual person.
Mike H. Ft. Wayne, IN
I suffer from HUV. After sitting in the car for 4-8 hours in a car, it was great to be able to come home, set up the Upphöja and put my feet up and relax. Much easier and more comfortable than the pillows I used before. Typically in 30 minutes my legs felt much better. Thanks Upphöja!
James D., Fort Wayne, IN
I experience issues from Crohn's disease.  After using Upphöja for 15-30 minutes per day I have noticed a huge improvement with tension in my lower back.  I have not found anything that is this easy to use and comfortable.  Because of this I find myself using it daily, something I never did with pillows.


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With Upphöja you can elevate your legs or other extremities easily while being able to sit or lay down comfortably anywhere you are to promote physical wellness and healing. If your Doctor has prescribed elevation, you will be pleased to learn that Upphöja assists you in elevating your lower extremities to aid with relief of some common symptoms associated with leg swelling, post-surgery recovery, pregnancy, sports injuries, or simply to help you kick back and relax.


Gone are the days of awkwardly stacking pillows or needing assistance from a caregiver or family member. When using Upphöja, it is possible to be comfortable while being compliant with doctor’s orders. Upphöja is light weight and conveniently rolls up for ease in carrying from room to room or for travel.

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