What is Upphöja?

Upphöja is a revolutionary air cushion designed to elevate your legs with ease anytime, anywhere. 

Forget the struggle of uncomfortable wedges and pricy adjustable beds.

Elevation in the palm of your hand.

Upphöja offers:

Simple Inflation & Deflation:

Control your comfort level at the touch of a button with the included remote control.

Customizable Support:

Adjust the air pressure to find the perfect height and firmness for your needs.

Lightweight & Portable:

Take Upphöja with you wherever you go, from the living room to the bedroom, or even on trips.

Durable & Supportive:

Constructed with high-quality materials, Upphöja comfortably supports over 200 lbs.

Recovering Athletes

Upphöja makes it easy to elevate your legs or arms to ease pain and discomfort associated with sports injuries.

Expecting Mothers

Find relief from pregnancy swelling and discomfort, enjoying improved sleep and relaxation throughout your journey.

Seniors Seeking Independence

Regain control and manage pain associated with limited mobility.

Individuals with Medical Conditions

Alleviate discomfort and manage conditions like edema, CVI, or post-surgical recovery.

We're Proud to Be Trusted by Those Who Know Best:

Physical Therapists
Home Care
Nursing Homes
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Frequently Asked Questions
The answers you need to buy with confidence...

What if the blower stops working or needs maintenance?

The blower cannot be repaired. If there is an issue, please call Upphöja customer service.

How do I clean my air cushion?

Use warm water and light soaps. Do not use chemical products to clean. Be sure to keep water away from the blower when cleaning.

How much weight will the air cushion lift?

The product has been tested to lift 80lbs. It has been tested to support after filling 200 lbs. minimum.

Can I use it for something other than legs?

The product can be used to lift your legs from hip to ankle and arms (see instruction manual).

If my air cushion has a leak, can I patch it?

A patch kit is included with the product. If you have a small leak and have been able to trace it, please follow the instructions on the patch kit. If the leak is at a weld, it may be difficult to patch. If you have a leak at a weld within the warranty period, it may be an issue covered by the warranty. Please contact Upphöja customer service. If you have a slow leak, it can also be patched if traceable. If the leak is very slow, i.e., over hours, simply make an adjustment by pressing” fill” on the remote.

Does my air cushion require upkeep?

No maintenance is required.

Can I over-inflate my air cushion?

No. The air blower will only supply a limited pressure. Once reached, it will not over-inflate even if it continues to run.

What forms of payment do you accept?

The Upphöja is available for sale online and we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club and Debit cards.