How it Started

How it Started


Concepts of the first product (Upphöja) were shaped over 5 years ago when a Doctor engaged with in home care settings identified an obvious and consistent pattern. Patients with conditions like edema (swelling in legs, feet and ankles) struggled with ways to elevate their legs several times daily by themselves. Traditional methods of elevating legs included using stacks of pillows, blankets, rolls of towels,  or bulky foam wedges - any of which can be uncomfortable and difficult to utilize without help from a caregiver. 


THE PROBLEM: Managing conditions like Edema requires elevation of the limb above the heart.  This elevation needs to occur several times each day.  Most patients are unable to comply with doctors recommendations without the help of a caregiver or loved one.  If daily help is not available, elevating the legs does not usually occur consistently thereby affecting healing, comfort and mobility.


Once our engineers at AirCareCo grasped the clarity of the problem, we set about designing the solution.  Our objective was to design an elevating device focused on: VERSATILITY - INDEPENDENCE - COMFORT.


We knew we could improve the quality of life for patients with Edema if we could create something that was:

  • portable
  • easy to use without help from a second person 
  • comfortable


THE SOLUTION: Soon we built prototype devices and began working with people that needed or wanted the relief from elevating a limb. We found that creating a device that relied on air to support the limb was the best solution and met all our target objectives.  After nearly 4 years of working with people using the device we have carefully refined the design, reliability and durability of the components.  Our improvements to design and materials came from feedback of the people using the device as well as medical professionals engaged in helping patients rehabilitate. This means that if you buy an Upphöja you can rest assured that you will benefit from the testing and feedback from many others just like you.


We strive to make a product that will live up to the demands of several daily inflation and deflation cycles while being easy to move and use independently without help from a second person.


So in 2019 we mass produced the Upphöja and began our online sales efforts. We believe great inventors never rest so not only do we continue to improve the Upphöja but at the same time we are already working on several other devices that we believe will enhance health, healing and improve the quality of life for others. We now have accessories for the Upphöja so check these our HERE.


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