Our Story

The concepts of the Upphöja were shaped over 5 years ago when Dr. Linda Therkildsen identified an obvious and consistent pattern with all of her patients.  She noticed that patients who needed to raise their legs due to medical conditions like edema (swelling in legs, feet and ankles) struggled with a simple way to do so.  Turns out, traditionally used methods such as stacks of pillows, blankets, rolls of towels, or bulky foam wedges were uncomfortable and near impossible to use without help from a caregiver. 

She approached Dave and Steve with the problem she was witnessing daily.  Dave and Steve, two successful and creative engineers, quickly grasped the problem and were committed to creating a solution.

From the beginning, the objective was simple; design an elevating device focused on: VERSATILITY - INDEPENDENCE - COMFORT.

Dave and Steve knew they could improve the quality of life for patients with Edema if they could create something that was:

  • Portable
  • Easy to use without help from a second person 
  • Comfortable
  • Light weight

For the next 5 years, Dave, Steve, and Linda worked with patients on the device to refine the design, reliability and durability of the components.  Once significant feedback was received from patients, medical professionals, and other small focus groups, the team was ready to manufacture the Upphöja and offer it to the masses.