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Doing this during pregnancy can bring relief to your feet & legs

Doing this during pregnancy can bring relief to your feet & legs

It is amazing how many changes your body undergoes during pregnancy. These changes are significant and occur over a very compressed period of time putting your body under stress. You’ll experience a wide range of less-than-pleasant pregnancy side effects, including swelling, aches and pains in the feet and legs. There is a simple way  to reduce leg pain and swelling - elevate your feet to boost circulation and help eliminate some of the pressure. 

Why Do My Legs Hurt During Pregnancy?

You may have wondered why your legs, feet and ankles may hurt in the first place. Two things happen as your pregnancy progresses — your body experiences natural fluctuations in hormones and must simultaneously deal with added weight. These two bodily changes can lead to discomfort and achiness. In the third trimester, you might also experience leg cramps that really impede your mobility. Other health related challenges can come with pregnancy.  Having awareness of these is the first step to prevention and early treatment. As an example, pregnancy can include risky venous issues, including deep vein thrombosis.  This is a more serious circulatory issue that could lead to a pulmonary embolism. Make sure you know the signs of DVT during pregnancy so you talk to your doctor or get help should complications arise.

How Leg Elevation Helps

Elevating your legs a few times a day can offer a great deal of relief and healing.  Here are some of the benefits:

  • Put a Boost in your Circulation — A huge benefit of elevating the legs is that it increases venous blood flow - meaning your heart is able to deliver essential oxygen and nutrients to the rest of the body. When you’re pregnant your body is feeding blood flow to 2 bodies and your circulation could suffer.  This can lead to pain, dizziness, fatigue, swelling and general discomfort. Poor circulation can also contribute to varicose veins and DVT. Even if you’re not feeling pained or swollen, elevating your legs is beneficial to improve blood flow.
  • Elevating your legs helps those Varicose Veins — Varicose veins are a common side effect of pregnancy for many women. This condition occurs because, with the increase in blood flow, more pressure is put on the veins, causing them to enlarge. Adding to the situation, increased progestin levels may dilate or open the veins. You will be relieved to learn that typically varicose veins are harmless, but they can cause pain. Leg elevation - try it - it is a simple, natural way to treat and help reduce the symptoms of varicose veins while you are  pregnant.
  • Reduce that Swelling — Aches and pains are a normal part of life, but they can increase in number and intensity during pregnancy. Joint pain can sometimes emerge.  Swollen feet and legs is common and elevation helps treat pregnancy edema (swelling) in the lower limbs. Elevating the legs relieves pressure off the veins and can substantially improve your circulation and reduce swelling.
  • Wave Goodby to that Pain — Pain is not fun - you’ll be happy to learn that the occasional leg lift can help get rid of the foot, leg and ankle pain that’s so common during pregnancy. The increase in fluid can lead to inflammation, which can limit your ability to work, exercise or accomplish everyday tasks. 


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