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Millions of Americans have Edema - What is it and can it be cured?

Millions of Americans have Edema - What is it and can it be cured?

We ran across a recent article by the Spokesman Review in Spokane, WA that offers some good insight and facts about Edema. It was communicated in every day language and easy to understand.  Conditions like Edema are difficult because they challenge our mobility. As soon as we lose mobility we also begin to lose our sense of independence. Chances are you know someone who battles Edema or other health related conditions that impact their mobility.  Well there is something you can do to help them.

In the above mentioned article, Doctors Eve Glazier, M.D.  and Elizabeth Ko M.D. mention that Edema is not curable so management is the key.   “Exercise, particularly involving the affected limbs, can help veins return blood to the heart. So does spending time with the affected limbs elevated above the heart.”  You can read the entire article here.

We talk to many medical professionals about Edema and we frequently hear about how many people that have Edema are advised to elevate their legs but they fail to do so regularly. We get it, if you have mobility challenges, trying to use pillows, towels or foam wedges to prop up your legs is very difficult to do without help. Even if you are successful in elevating your legs using these traditional methods, once you have to get up - you have to start all over and do it again.

There is a better way!  It is a revolutionary product that can be used while sitting or laying down.  It uses an air bladder to lift your feet and legs. It can inflate or deflate in a few seconds and here is the good part - it works by remote control.

The price point for this remote control leg lift system is less than $150.  How does that compare to other types of aids for elevating legs? Well pillows are the most affordable.  But if you buy memory foam pillows you can pay $30 or more per pillow and you are going to need at least 3 pillows to get your feet elevated above your heart.  There are also foam wedges available. These can be easier to handle that pillows and they are comfortable but they are a bit bulky to move and position on your own.  Prices vary but based on our research we found wedges range between $100 - $200. We found inflatable air bags designed to help elevate legs. These are economical alternatives many costing $50 or less but they are bulky and inflate by blowing them up like a balloon or with a small plastic hand pump.  Lastly there is the Upphöja. This is a self contained air powered elevation device with remote control. Plug it in, then simply sit, place the deflated Upphöja under your legs and press the button. Want to get up? Press a button, deflate the bag and you can move around freely. Sit back down push the button again and elevate your legs in just a few seconds.  The Upphöja costs $129.99. Learn More Here.

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