If my air cushion has a leak can I patch it?
There is a patch kit included with the product. If you have a small leak and have been able to trace it please follow the instructions on the patch kit. If the leak is at a weld it may be difficult to patch. If you have a leak at a weld within the warranty period, it may be a issue covered by the warranty. Please contact AirCareCo customer service.

Why is the power cord so short?
The length of the power cord is a difficult decision because what is long enough for one person may be considered too long for another. Also, the longer the cord the more potential for tripping when moving the product. We understand that the length of the cord may require an extension cord.

Why is there no flocking on the top?
We had to decide if the entire product would be covered in a flocking or none of it. For technical reason a flocked material on just the top. Covering the entire product added weight, cost and made the overall feel stiff and uncomfortable when partially inflated. We decided use a of a separate towel or cover would be preferable. The separate cover for attaching to the recliner does have a removable fleece cover on top.

Can I self-inflate?
No. The product is designed to be inflated using the blower only. If there is a problem with the blower please call AirCareCo customer service.

What if the blower stops working or needs maintenance?
The blower cannot be repaired. If there is an issue, please call AirCareCo customer service.

How do I clean my air cushion?
Use warm water and light soaps. Do not use chemical products to clean. Be sure to keep water away from blower when cleaning.

How much weight will the air cushion lift?
The product has been tested to lift 40lbs. It has been tested to support after filling (not lift) 110 lbs. minimum.

Can I use it for something other than legs?
The product can be used to lift one leg from hip to ankle and an arm (see instruction manual). It can be used to s assist in physical therapy exercises for knee replacement surgery for instance. It can also be used to assist in body turning. During trials we have also seen it used from the back as an assist to sit up and lay down in in bed.

What if I have a leak?
Leaks can be patched with the included patch kit.

What if I have a slow leak?
Slow leaks can also be patched if traceable. If the leak is very slow i.e. over hours simply make an adjustment by pressing” fill” on the remote.

Does my air cushion require upkeep?
Other than possibly cleaning not maintenance is required.

Can I put a towel or blanket over the air cushion?
Yes. If you desire a more comfortable feeling under bare legs, you can use a towel or other cover. Some have used a pillowcase.

What happens if I rip a hole in my air cushion?
A rip that is not the result of a manufacturing issue is not covered. This is not a toy for children or pets to jump on. Use the same care you would with any other medical device.

Is there a warranty?
Yes. See the instruction manual or visit our website at

Can I over-inflate my air cushion?
No. The air blower will only supply a limited pressure. Once reached it will not over-inflate even if it continues to run.

Is my air cushion adjustable?
Yes. The product is designed to find and maintain any height or firmness that you desire. Simply press the “Inflate” button on the remote to inflate and the adjust button to make minor deflate adjustment. Press the “deflate” button and hold to deflate to flat.

Is my air cushion safe for my pets?
No. Pets can puncture the air cushion. Try to keep them away.

Do you offer more than one size?
No. It is designed as “one size fits all”. The product has been trialed with those as short as 4’5” and as tall as 6’8” and a variety of weights and body types.

How long will it take for my air cushion to arrive?
The product will be shipped using UPS ground. You can visit for shipping zones.

What forms of payment do you accept?
The Upphoja is available for sale online and we accept Visa, Mastercard , American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club and debit cards.

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